giovedì, Luglio 29

Marsala, cheers!


 My personal countdown to Christmas runs at the speed of light, and I’m really too much to do. Ahh, how I would go back to the mountains and lose myself among boschie snow, in total silence. But, i have no time to think about this things, so stop Cris and go on. For my birthday, even though I told you not want gifts, among many I have received two beauty products, namely lipstick and nail polish with the color “must” for the  next year: Marsala.If i think about Marsala, I think the wine, in the evenings by the sea at sunset, sipping a glass of Marsala, in fact. Certainly I would not have ever thought of wearing the Marsala. An intense color, hard to find (now, next year no more), despite being a delicate color “strong”, and a color that requires the right mix with other colors. It is not as simple as taking a walk. So, going around the web, i found something for you, and if you want to dare this Christmas, wear this color, I can not vouch for the result but it is certain that you will not go unnoticed. Remember: it is passionate and intense as red, deep like purple, tasty and special as a good vintage wine. I hope that next year those of Pantone are a little less difficult.




completo-marsala-di-burberry-prorsumAntonio Marras,


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