giovedì, Ottobre 22

Pure, total white – the non-color that wins

Good saturday pretty girls!!! I’m so excited, my bf is in the city and last night it has been a “girl night out”. It’s nice to spend an evening with the girls, drinking, having fun, doing silly, in short, a fun night. When these evenings happen, I always try to be inspired by something that makes me feel at ease, maybe I’ll take a cue from some seasonal trend, and certainly one of my Favorites is total white!

Acne Studios
Alexander Wang 

Total white guarantees many things: a fresh look, have you found those pretty dresses white linen, fresh, youthful? The white simplifies the construction of an outfit, because it allows a lot of different possibilities, from the most classic combination of black / white to something more pop as white and colored fantasies. The versatility of white lies precisely in its entirety and absolute neutrality while being present in an outfit, it allows other colors to harmonize with him without too much trouble. It is a perfect color for the day and evening, for a trip out of town, a dip in the sea, a romantic dinner, a night at the club or an exam. As well as my post on the blue, also the post on the white makes use of the mine full of treasures that is Farfetch. So enjoy the post and then run on a shopping spree 😉

Calvin Klein
Each X Other

Malone Souliers


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