venerdì, Giugno 25

Feel nice with good nails

Do you remember the post where i talked with you about nails? Well, thanks to a friend, i decided to have good hands with beautiful nails. So, in this first pic, you can see my horrible nails… I am ashamed!!!! My friend C. told me that they were not so bad, but, c’mon!!!! 

 Second step: file my nails and fix…

Third step: apply the tips (fake nails… i want them for Halloween!!!!!), she has cut fake nails and filed down the length of me request… when i see this pics, i think that i could kill someone with those nails!

Fourth: the password is Gel, and gel, and gel… and still gel! It’s necessary to fix accurately tips to the real nails, normally they last 28 days… Last step: shiny polish and, in my case, a little decorations (a butterfly) in two fingers… Do you like? 

I feel very good with these, i can do all the things i do normally without problems. And now i want to share with you other works of C.

She is so talented!!!! And you? Do you like it? If you want to have special and original nails, contact me and i will introduce you C.

                                                           Stay tuned for other fashion news!

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