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Fresh Nature



Happy Tuesday! Oh wait, it’s not so happy day, i feel so sick and tired!! Send requests for accreditation is an increasingly unnerving, but i love London so much, so i repear as mantra !i love my job, i love my job” as Emily Blunt in The devil wears Prada. And just to stay in London, i have discoverd something new, something itneresting… oh i adore my job. It’s so difficult to find new talents that are well worth seeing. And Sofia French is a talent that deserves to be known. I hope that those of Fashion Scout to give sooner or later a space for her fashion show during London Fashion Week, but recently I found out that those genius of Wolf and Badger becoming new stockists for the collection. She  stands out from the others for various reasons, but especially for the freshness and elegance without presumption of her creations. She knows woman body and and she knows how to value it. She takes account of the silhouette and the beauty of every body, and only best quality fabrics that bring the garments to life, by giving them movement. And what could be better if not nature that blooms to enhance the beauty of a female body? Keep an eye on this girl, she has too much talent to be able to be put in a corner.

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Pictures: POP PR UK

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