domenica, Settembre 19

Feelin myself


 “Dammit I’m feelin’ myself”, yes i’m feeling myself, this song by Will.I.Am is always too much, especially if you want to dance. And when you wear a pair of Jimmy Choo, you’re feeling yourself, at the top of the world. With this kind of shoes, it’s inevitable to feel sexy. Honestly, I do not know I would be able to walk with shoes like this, I do not know if I ever told you, but I and the heels are not great friends. But how could I refuse to wear the Jimmy Choo? Here, perhaps next to someone like Kit Harington could do it. He is so intense and sexy in the Games of Throne, ok now I’m digressing. Sandals and zebra prints are the two keystones of this collection. If you do not like one, you will love each other. Seduction is a game intriguing and subtle, exciting for those who know how to play it (do not look at me), however, may be playing a role divetente: pretend to be seductive. Or simply, you, like me, you love to wear beautiful shoes. And feeling yourself, always.

ondria-hardin-kit-harington-jimmy-choo-2015-2 ondria-hardin-kit-harington-jimmy-choo-2015-3 ondria-hardin-kit-harington-jimmy-choo-2015-4 ondria-hardin-steven-klein-jimmy-choo-2015-3 ondria-hardin-steven-klein-jimmy-choo-2015-4 ondria-hardin-steven-klein-jimmy-choo-2015-5

Pictures: Ondria Hardin & Kit Harington for Jimmy Choo SS 2015 Campaign by Steven Klein / The Fashionography

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