Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Patchwork

Le foglie cominciano a cadere, così come le prime piogge della stagione mentre le città si tingono dei colori autunnali. Direttamente dalle passerelle di tutto il mondo, i dettami della moda ci propongono modelli in patchwork per un autunno/inverno 2016/17 semplicemente colorato e stravagante. La tendenza degli anni ’90 ritorna anche quest’anno, da Marc Jacobs […]


   The sky is grey and i’m a mess. Why? Cuz i have no idea what to pack for Fashion Weeks. Seriously?! Yes, i’m a fashion editor with no idea what to wear, tonight to have party with my besties, or for Fashion Week. My closet in a luggage? XDXD It’s a dream that will […]

Fresh Nature



Happy Tuesday! Oh wait, it’s not so happy day, i feel so sick and tired!! Send requests for accreditation is an increasingly unnerving, but i love London so much, so i repear as mantra !i love my job, i love my job” as Emily Blunt in The devil wears Prada. And just to stay in London, i have discoverd something new, something itneresting… oh i adore my job. Leggi di più a proposito di Fresh Nature

The Cool Kids

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids,‘Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids.” I saw yesterday  for the first time Marc by Marc Jacobs Campaign and in my mind it’s started the song of the Echosmith.  Leggi di più a proposito di The Cool Kids

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Rock your legs

Have you ever wanted to dance like Miley Cyrus? Or Twerk like her? O sing like her? Have you ever wanted to have her audacity and her caring about the opinions of others? Well, maybe this is your chance and say thank to Golden Lady. For a girl who is used to amaze the world with her […]

Sweet Velvet

miumiu slippers

This new site, slowly, is starting to be like me, and if you have seen the the header you know what i mean, i’t s just like decorating a new home. You know, when you’re in a new home, you want to see your personal style around you, specially after a busy day. And decorations, even the smallest ones, make a difference. Leggi di più a proposito di Sweet Velvet

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