sabato, Novembre 28

Flying away

Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_20


My week is started in a very busy way! Stress, emails, works, Christmas gifts, plans for my birthday (19 december)…. need a moment to breathe or to sleep. I choose the first one, so i can do everything after the breathe. It’s “that” period of the year…

in which there is cold outside i have to write articles about resort Collections, S/S Collections or the Pre Fall for the next year collections. Am i crazy!?!? No sweetheart, it’s only fashion system. Few days ago, i received this pictures of Emilio Pucci Resort Collection 2015 ( and if you want to read more abour Resort collections go on and read my article) and my mind went away. I imagined to walk in a beautiful sunny place ( yes , i love winter, but sometimes i like spring weather) wearing a white lace dress, maybe Pucci, with wide-brimmed hat and one of these wonderful creations with me. Ah, I’d even hot, dressed like that. Among imaginative prints and optical geometries, the Pucci collection offers a wide choice for women. Hand bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and much more. (I promise I’ll show you the shoes as soon as possible). I look outside, it’s raining. Ohh i like it, it does not matter if my mind is away =)

ps during the week, i’ll tell you who has won Caramella Giveaway. Don’t forget to partecipate!

Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_21 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_22 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_26 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_27 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_13 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_14 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_15 Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_16


Pictures: Press Office

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