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Girl gone gently wild

LOOK 007

Honestly,  i hate and love Madonna. I mean, I like most of the songs, not her style. Among the many songs that I sing of Madonna, there is girl gone wild. suddenly, accidentally, I sing this song, which certainly is not the best that the pop music scene offers however …

And when i saw for the first time the pictures of this collection, i remembered the song, that feeling wild and free that inspires me.  I see myself run the pure, wild nature wearing this fabulous yellow dress you see below. As a nymph, an ethereal creature and wonderful. No, do not worry I’m fine, it’s just that I appreciate very much the collections that highlight the nature, that bring to life through clothes and accessories. And this collection is fresh, joyful, pure, true, is not obvious and you say to yourself “fuck, I would wear it all!”. Every dress, every single piece, embraces the female body and every woman knows that there is nothing better than to feel comfortable in what she wears. But this collection is not something static. It’s like the water: pure, powerful, wild and fresh, something that no one can stop. How can you stop one of the most powerful element of the world? You can’t, you can admire it and love it. With Quotidianomime, i always discover new talents around the world, but i’m happy to say that there is hope for italian fashion, specially whrn you find talent like Alice Tamburini, chic and powerful. As the water.

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Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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