Never without a t-shirt

 Everytime i read an interview or an article on fashion newspaper, i noticed there is always a question and the same answer, everytime. It can be a super topmodel, an it girl, an actress or what you want but when you ask to one of them “what’s your must-have?”, in 99% the answer is the white tshirt. Leggi di più a proposito di Never without a t-shirt

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As Fashion Editor for a newspaper, it’s my duty to pay attention to everything, every news, every trends, every model. It’s a little mess, but I would be false if I said that I do not love what I do. A well done newspaper everyday: that’s my satisfaction. The most exciting part of my job is when we present the lookbook of the new collections. Leggi di più a proposito di Satisfaction

Flying away

Emilio Pucci_Resort 2015 Collection_20


My week is started in a very busy way! Stress, emails, works, Christmas gifts, plans for my birthday (19 december)…. need a moment to breathe or to sleep. I choose the first one, so i can do everything after the breathe. It’s “that” period of the year… Leggi di più a proposito di Flying away