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The hardest part – choose


When yesterday afternoon, when my lil sister samu called me “Cris, we have to go out for Christmas gifts”, i thought ” oh please, tell me that’s not true”. Unfortunately it’s all true. If you have friends like mine addicted to makeup, thanks to Maison, you and me have a great, big, large, wide range of choice.

Many brand have created Christmas collection, more are in lijmited edition, and this is good reason to buy one of them to your friends. Snow Queen by Pupa remembers me how i love Frozen and particularly Olaf and Sven (let it go, let it go…), it’s good if your friend loves cold colors and shiny lips. Paul Guerlain collection consists of warm colors, reminiscent of the summer, and they are perfect to blend on the eyelids. Fit for a make up muy caliente. If you and your firends love the glitter, Mac Collection is perfect: glitter in the eyeshadows, glitter in nail polish, glitter in lipsticks. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll shine like a Christmas tree. Bright and dark (ok it seems a paradox, but it is not) is the collection by Nars. Brilliant because there are colors like orange and bright pink, almost dark for the presence of massive purple (careful to avoid the effect “ko-boxer” when you use eye shadow). Ok now, the hardest part of all: choose. I can give you suggestions, but the remaining 50% is up to you. 😉

Make-up-Idee-regalo-620-2 Make-up-Idee-regalo-620-4


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Pictures: Pupa MIlano,

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