sabato, Novembre 28

All eyes on me


 Probably it is the air of celebration around me, or the thought that I will return to my beloved London, but I have a strong desire to take the suitcase and leave. And though I love the cold, in my mind I travel in hot and exotic.I don’t know why, but i image to walk along Saint Tropez Boulevard, or along the beaches of the coral reef.In all my dreams, i wear a huge straw hat, wide brim, sand color. And maybe you can tell to me ” c’mon girl, it’s only a way to introduce this collection”, and i can say that’s not true. I imagined many of these hats but i didn’t know Donia Allègue Collection. Call it empathy, if you want. I do not know if you have you ever let yourself be inspired by the 60 or 70, from the great actresses like Romy Schneider in “La piscine” or Jane Birkin or Grace Kelly. It was a golden age for the French Riviera. There was glamor, style, there was something impossible to replicate, made by unique people. And who can forget the great divas in their clothes, stylish because they wore them, with their big hats or turbans that made them look like an Egyptian princess? Ah, good old days are gone. Here, this collection brings to life this time, it is as if regalasse to all of us a bit of time. Rejecting?! Nooo! “Colors are soft and range from the soft gold to immaculate white to sky blue interchanged with royal blue, and then bright orange and red”, “Turbans and bandanas are made of new material such as the raffia – originally used exclusively for hats, now she adorns them with delicate pearls and embroideries recalling the trendy bathing suits of the sixties and at the same time she adds the striped marine t-shirts so BB…”. Still hesitating? It’s like living in a vintage movie. Sounds so good


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Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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