All i want for Christmas is… not Cara Delevingne, but Pepe Jeans London Collection. Mariah Carey song is the most popular during this period, i don’t like the version with J.Bibier, but degustibus non est disputandum. If i have to be honest, i like yto listen Frank Sinatra song in this period, i know it’s old style but i love it. It’s strange and crazy as my latest ideas for Christimas outfit. Denim for Christmas? Oh yes please!!

Comfortable, chic, with leather or with white fur coats. I hope you survived to Black Friday even if i told you “hey people, you have to buy this”, i hope you’re ok and i hope your shopping is good enough ( if you want ot show something of your shopping, don’t hesitate to do it), As i told you yesterday, I do not want anything for Christmas, but then a person looks in this collection and says “ok, I withdraw what I said,” and well because I do not blame you. Temptations. Here is what this collection. A real temptation. But, i can resist and i can say I’m stronger than a miserable temptation, but that little black leather dress is so cool… damn girl?! Where are your principles? Be strong. Denim at Christmas would be great: it is not conventional, it is easy and terribly versatile and then you distinguirebbe from the crowd. Practically perfect.






abito-in-pelle pelliccia-bianca-pepe-jeans-london

Pictures: Pepe Jeans London

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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