Christmas denim


All i want for Christmas is… not Cara Delevingne, but Pepe Jeans London Collection. Mariah Carey song is the most popular during this period, i don’t like the version with J.Bibier, but degustibus non est disputandum. If i have to be honest, i like yto listen Frank Sinatra song in this period, i know it’s old style but i love it. It’s strange and crazy as my latest ideas for Christimas outfit. Denim for Christmas? Oh yes please!! Leggi di più a proposito di Christmas denim

Cool Girl


Generally when i think about the weekend,my first feeling is “yes!!! Finally” (you can imagine me dancing and screaming), but for the first time i’m sad, very,completely, totally sad. Ok, no, i’m kidding, i’m not so sad, just a little bit.

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