Change, mix, create




Two days ago, i had to write my article for Quotidianomime (click here to read it) about Christmas gifts for her. In short, to make a gift to a woman is never an easy thing. Gifts for me? Not this year, I have almost everything I want and I say almost because the only thing missing I did not give anyone and can not be bought. For the rest, the onon have designer clothes, but at the moment I do not care.

So this time, i decided to write an useful post, a guide for the Christmas outfit. 4 dresses, two for day and two for night, 3 pair of shoes, 2 bags, 1 necklace, all signed by l’autrechose. You can mix all the pieces i chose to create different outfits and incredible. During Christmas time, during holidays, there are many occasion to wear different dresses but the real skill is not always wear a dress differently, but wear a dress already worn previously and match it with other accessories and always have a winning result. My idea is, for example: for the day the dress of the first picture with green bag you find belowa nd the shoes of the penultimate image; for the night, the second little black dress with same accessories. Two outfits obtained with minimal effort. Cuz mix is a good chance to explore our personal style, obtained with minimal effort, a time to discover things about ourselves that maybe we did not know. It’s a game, and Christmas time is a good period to play. Dare. Try. Mix. Create.

ps today it’s Black Friday, don’t miss the chance!

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