As Gold


 Latest Friday, i went to che cinema to watche The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part I. I was very thrilled, and i liked the movie so much (Sam Caflin was so great as Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but Liam Hemsworth… oh c’mon i like the other Hemsworth), but… i have in my mind the song sang by J.Lawrence, The Hanging Tree. I started singing in the most unlikely moments, even while I was decorating my Christmas tree yesterday afternoon.During the movie, one of the leaders said: “With all that makeup, she looks like a thirty-five.” Cuz the problem of many girls is that they use too much make up on their faces. Sometimes it’s very hard try to understand what kind of color is their skin. I appreciate a more natural style, perhaps with lips covered with a beautiful red “fire”. Lancome Parisienne Lights is perfect for this kind of style. For natural bright style, nude colors are perfect, and if you want to dare for the night a touch of black, and the game is done. Gold is the must for this Holiday season, not only on your eyes or on your skins, but also on your nails. Shine, bitch, shine. Holidays are the moment of fun,  then take the opportunity. But remember: you have to seem just like you are, not someone else. Katniss Everdeen docet.

ps if you, like me, you are denied to put nail polish, you run in the bottom of the post to find the perfect solution for you.

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Pictures: Lancome Website