American Hustle – Looks can be deceiving

Good Sunday! Yesterday, i spent a wonderful day: morning with my adorable parents, afternoon, me-Ale-shopping. I’m lucky girl!
But, today, i want to share with you one of my passions: cinema. Oh yes, this writer loves books, fashion, art, music, F1 and cinema, Since i was young, i was passionate about cinema. The magic of a well-told story, a tapestry of lives, stories, characters, real or imaginary scenarios, a feeling of rapture and of pure fantasy.
At the cinema, I always founded and seen stories they told me something, from love to betrayal, from fear to looking for themselves, from grief to hope.
Everyone can find what they are looking at the movies, you just need to know to find.

Last movie i’ve seen is American Hustle.

I can tell you, honestly, i’m not a big fan of David O Russell, but i appreciate his attempts to show many aspects of human being, the evolution, motivations, what drives human beings to act: all without artifice, rhetoric or special effects: the human being presents itself.

In a story like American Hustle, based on a true story, each character is in search of itself: there are those who look for justice, others seek happiness, others look for love, and there are those who have to manage and hilarious situations while appearing goner, comes out a winner. A film like this, and not based on man action., Is rich in dialogue, plot twists (like the kiss between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, Christian Bale or who sings in a confident voice), evolves as something alive, animated. Just like a human being.

Sure, many will say “it’s easy to make a successful film if you have in the cast people like Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper,”  but these sensational actors have the merit of making real a story that might seem too surreal to be true.

I don’t know if this movie deserves Golden Globe, Oscar, Bafta or other awards, but it is a great movie.

Ps. Jeep’s Blues, Duke Ellington song, is something perfect, which makes a sense of harmony and magic between Irving/Sidney

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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