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Break rules of style with Faith Connexion

Good Monday! From now, the countdown has begun: less than a month to London. Is it so visible that I am very thrilled? LFW, i’m coming! For those who know me, they know how important is for me February 13: not only is the birthday of my nephew R., but since last year, February 13th is a new beginning. Mine.

On February 13, i have created new possibilities, new roads, new connections. It is precisely these connections led me to new friends, new adventures and collaborations.

Connections can create something unique and unpredictable, something artistic and stylish, just like clothes of Faith Connexion.

Faith Connexion is a French, fresh and cool label i discoverd accindetally by Twitter. Power of social networks! This label is a real magnet for the style, and many of the most quoted it-girls and models as Cara Delevingne, Alison Mosshart and Chloe Sevigny are attracted to it.

Every piece moves between colorful prints, luxe fur jackets. jackets, bikers, skinnies and inserts of leather, and the result is a collection with a rock-chic style, French style meets British style. 
Ladylike clothes  that show, however, a bit of grit. Nothing too unusual or informal: each creation catches your eye for its strong and dynamic essence.

From the suit jacket and pants to evening dresses, everything is done to “break” with the usual rules.

My favorite pieces are the ones that you see in the third image below: a  pair of biker boots onmy feet and I could “conquer the world”.

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