giovedì, Luglio 29

With Converse at my feet

If there are any shoes that I love, well those are the Converse All Star. Do you know why?

It always seems that i have a special story to tell, indeed this blog is become a sort of diary, where i write what i see and what i remember. But, let’s proceed with order! When i went to high school one of dearest friends was a real sporty girlvery athletic and a little punk-rock soul. I admired her, her free and brave spirit; one day, many, many, too much, years ago, i went with her to buy some shoes that she wanted very much. Converse All Star. I didn’t know this kind of shoes, but i can assumer, it has been love at the first sight. They were red and white, clean, sporty, punk, cool. I wanted them but I could not have them. Only many years later, my beloved dad gave me a pair of black Converse. oh, what joy! Everytime i see a pair of Converse All Star in mind there is that moment. And after those with the fur inside the shoe, now I find myself wishing those for this fall. Water trickles, the foot is warm, and good-bye to pain in the feet cause you have walked so much. Honestly, I might even take over the world with Converse to feet. And if you love something a little bit more eccentric, look down in the post. You’ll be nicely surprised. I hope so. 😉

ps: while you’re reading this post, i’m out with friends for a trip in the mountains. With my red Converse All Star at my feet, of course.

 Missoni for Converse

Pictures: Converse Official

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