giovedì, Ottobre 29

Style is in the details, as Liz Law Jewels

Happy Saturday!!!! Few believe in what I’m going to say but … I have already started to fix things for London. Please do appreciate my effort! I’m going crazy, but the funny thing is that I’m sharing fun time with friends, and my dear Ale, our pr, is delighting herself with the idea for my makeup.

And what could be nicer than sharing fun times with your friends?
But today, over time for friends, I would like to share with you about a brand that I discovered accidentally on the web, and this brand has simply made ​​inroads in my heart. Ladies and gentlemen, Liz Law Jewels.

This is one of the brands that makes me say “hell, how nice it is my job”.

The beauty of these creations is that they seem to have had its own life, lived a mystery to be discovered. More precise geometry and other more irregular meet within a jewel, giving rise to new harmonic forms, eye-catching.

The smallest detail, which is a shade of color or combinations of different materials, is edited and studied, but remains spontaneous.
The various materials are used, think about the sterling silver, 14k gold fill, bronze, brass, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stone. From vintage to easy-chic best known, everything is possible within its collections.

What most impressed me is the elegant simplicity of each piece, the extreme beauty and particularity within each bracelet and necklace. 
Each piece is so much incisive, almost brazen, which seems to not have to ask permission from no trend. Each piece is there, in iconic fashion state.

I imagine: a hot summer night, a long-white dress, golden sandals at my feet, a lightweight thread lipstick and large, intriguing golden earrings.

The style is an innate gift, but sometimes you just have to be able to look around to find something unique and precious. As the jewels of Liz Law

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