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Few weeks ago, i wrote my last post on my old website/blog. But many of you wrote to me telling me that you could not read it. So i decided to repost it here, and it starts with a little child and her mother…When i was young, i loved seeing my mum use makeup. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and I watched her spread the eyeshadow, blend it, pass the powder, a light touch, and an intense lipstick. My mother never used the mascara, she does not like, but I can not live without. I didn’t know the brand, but for years i remembered the logo, and only when i was a teenager i have discovered that it was Lancome. Today as yesterday, i’m charmed by it for its attitude to elegance, every piecd is made for women, and i like that Lancome chose Daria Werbowy as testimonial: she is one of the few models smart,intelligent, cool and real. If it seems to know her is just cause she is the face of Mango latest fall collection. I love the red lipstick you see below, so intense and bright red ( ♥♥)and the first eyeshadows palette. Colors are perfect for the autumn, intense, bright and romantic, as the season is.

It’s true: elegance is an attitude.

Lancome-Exotic-Orchid-L’Absolu-Rouge-Lipcolor Lancome-Fall-2014-Artliner lancome-fall-2014-vernis-in-love Lancome-Fleur-Impressioniste-L’Absolu-Rouge-Lipcolor Lancome-Golden-Sage-Eye-Shadow-Palette Lancome-Le-Sourcil-Pro Lancome-Olive-Amour-Eye-Shadow-Palette

Pictures: Lancome Official Website

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