venerdì, Febbraio 26

The Great Beauty

 Have you ever watched a movie in black and white, like the Dolce Vita, or “Roman Holiday”? I’m a big fan of this kind movies.

When i was a little girl, i have watched this movies during Christmas time with my uncles and aunts, my cousins, you know, it was that kind of things you do when you’re in peace and you enjoy the moment with people you love most.  And when i watched this ad campaign i thought to be again an young girl. For some time, I follow CristinaEffe, an italian brand that excites me because it is very chic without being too “classic”. Shooted in the beautiful city of Rome, this fall campaign is just like an old movie: a tribute to the beauty of the past, which were fine without any effort, without resorting to the plastic surgeon, they were elegant with whatever you were wearing because they had innate charm. Unfortunately, this kind of charme is not always present in the “divas” of today. So, if i want to see a little bit of style, and i remember those divas, those movie, the glamorous atmosphere and a pure beauty. And after, i think that CristinaEffe hits the target.

ps: i hope to see this brand in London for LFW!

Pictures: CristinaEffe Milano

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