mercoledì, Marzo 3

#fallvibes #Whistles

This summer, on social networks, one of the most used hashtag was #summervibes, ‘cause in the summer it seems that everyone can have more fun.

Well, you know me, I prefer the cold to hot, so i decided in these days of rain starting to use the hashtah #fallvibes, and when i watched for the first time Whistles Fall Looks, i thought that there was no better way to express #fallVibes. It’s a collection just like me: no frills or unnecessary detail, clear lines and clean models, which emphasize the body of the person wearing those clothes. Fur coats are particularly appreaciated, which I hope are not true, because large, spacious and beautifully colored. Ahh, there’s nothing better than a colored fur coat to give the right touch to an outfit. I always say that less is more, and i really believe it, and I try to express this through my outfit, through my choices, because I believe so. It has the ability to mix and match that leaves me stunned because I challenge you to find a brand that knows how to do best. Oh, what I’d give to take part in Whistles fashion show next week in London!

Pictures: Whistles Official Website

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