mercoledì, Marzo 3

Never be predictable

Everytime i look at Vivienne Westwood I think I never had much respect for a woman. 

Determined, creative and supporting environment, a woman who makes you proud to belong to the female gender. It does not matter how many you have, because age is just a number on a piece of paper.
At the beginning, when I still knew little about her, her style and her brand, I thought of her creations were quite bizarre and excessive, unless you had a punk-rock soul. But since I always try to learn more about the things that intrigue me, that I discovered that Miss Westwood is a woman who wants a better world and to do that breaks the rules, and create something new. Nonconformist. Free. A proud and independent spirit, sometimes restless.
But in the end, are women not a bit like that? I am, and proud to be.
This spirit is reflected in her clothes, and in particular in the jackets that I love: irreverent, shaped, colored, strong but damn stylish. Can the punk style be chic? It seems so, ‘cause be predictable and always stay within certain fees can become extremely boring. Vivienne docet

Pictures: Vivienne Westwood Google Plus

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