Squaring the circle


 Awkward moments of life … How many have you had you? Well I… i lost count how many times i lived them, ask to Ale if you don’t trust me, but i can assure you they are indeed numerous. Like when I do not understand even the most basic things, like … to square the circle. Have you no idea of embarrassing moments that I have experienced because of this sentence? A few days ago I was thinking about it and then I found this collection in the mail.Valentina Brugnatelli is a mix of geometry, 80s style and a perspective of the 3D. Essential shapes: the circle, the square, the triangle. They can be three figures harmonics, different but complementary to each other? Apparently, yes. Each shape can adapt to another, and can create something unique. Have you found  trivial and a little freak accessorires that are around? Well, they can not be further from the banality. Julien MacDonald, Welsh designer who partecipate to London Fashion Week ( i love his latest fashion show), says that more is more, and this accessories are “more”. They are great, maximalists, colorful and vibrant as the best prints typical of the 80s, and then if you add a touch bright given by Swarovski…don’t they seem to you too grandiose? Personally i could ask something like that ot, better, one of them, for Christmas… and i could find my “my squaring the circle”.

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Pictures: Maximilian Linz