mercoledì, Marzo 3

Sweet as a sweatshirt

There’s too damn hot, especially for me and I look forward to the cold weather arrives. Autumn, where are you?!?!?!

Unlike the majority of people, I love the cold, the heat is fine with me for just two weeks, then I will not take it anymore. With the heat, I can’t think. Most want the heat, hard to get more than this. And I’m sorry because I see all the seasonal trends that I want to wear and i can’t. For the series, I bought a very pretty, white, sweatshirt, found in a flea market in London, and I can not wear! And sweatshirts are among the seasonal trends in vogue this season, as well as the last. Wide, comfortable, colorful, written, with details fur and ruffles, each sweatshirt may be the perfect item of clothing. Think about it: a sweatshirt with jeans and biker boots? Sure! A sweatshirt with a miniskirt and heels or sneakers? But sure! A sweatshirt with leggings and ballet flats and shoulder bag with fringes? Sure baby!
The sweatshirt is for everyone, just choose the one where you can hide and go to “conquer the world.”

My outfit? Colorful Sweatshirt, red-tartan leggins, black biker boots, and my Mango Boho bag. Don’t try to stop me!
Christopher Kane
Tommy Hilfinger
Pictures: / HM Official Website

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