venerdì, Marzo 5

One of a kind

If you want to be sure that your campaign has success, well, you have to call Cara Delevingne.

From catwalk to front row. to ad campaign, super british top model is everywhere. Topshop? Check! Burberry? Check! Being elected as the new “Royalty” of England? Check!! New Face of John Hardy Campaign? Check!!! A few months ago, we talked about this collaboration and everyone was anxious to see not so much the new collection, as the images of the campaign. I admire very much Cara Delevingne, I admit that I would meet only to steal from her a bit of his enthusiasm, but I say, let’s be serious?!?!?! Forgive me, Cara, but i want to see collection before you. As you can see from pictures, jewelery has a charm enveloping, and as always, the designer David Lipman was inspired by the oriental world for his creations, and proposes a different perception of design. The “snakey” cuff is probably the coolest piece of the collection, I find it harmonious, elegant, bold and, if I may say, terribly seductive! Cara has been chosen ‘cause “one of those girls who combines energy, wit, enthusiasm and a kind of edgy beauty… she is effortlessly cool” as the whole collection. Ok guys, now tell me something i don’t know about this girl…

Pictures: Cosmopolitan Uk

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