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Behind the scenes

Many of you have written to me to ask me what I wore during London Fashion Week. Well, i didn’t take more pics about me, but i can show you my personal “behind the scenes”.

Everyone is asking how the life of a fashion blogger, well guys I wonder too, because I’m not. I am an aspiring fashion journalist who, despite not having a penny, take part in the London Fashion Week with two parents trying to help me achieve my ambition / dream. I would not change 3 or 4 times a day during fashion week, I get dressed in the morning and keep that look all day, maybe arranging the makeup that I myself have taken care of in the morning. I do not wear high heels, because I do not take cars for vip but the subway or simply I walk (I love walking the streets of London), then welcome boots / ballerinas! 

Between a fashion show and a press presentation, I do not go around the shops, but I write the article to be sent to the newspaper and complete it in the evening so the day after it appears on MIME, and of course I take photos and write the post for you here. No, I’m not a fashion blogger, I do not start posing when they ask me “sorry, can i take a picture?” (And when they ask me, I blush like a schoolgirl), I am one who, excuse the vulgarity, “breaks the ass” or, better, work very hard, and look for my chance. Meanwhile, thanks to two wonderful parents, I enjoy the city that I love for a week, and every time London finds a way to excite me …

ps i just wanna say my thanks to Hampstead Britannia Hotel, in Camden, for the great hospitality, especially the girls at reception, really too funny, thanks for letting me put aside the invitations. You made me feel at home!
H&M jumpsuit
Terranova Leather Jacket, Zara Jeans, Vintage Bag, Topshop slippers

Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy S Duos
I wore: Asos White lace dress
Dr Martens Shoes
H&M bag
H&M jumpsuit
Accessorize Necklace
Terranova Leather Jacket
Rayban vintage sunglasses

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