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Be enchanted by the grace and style of Sorapol

I know many people are singing Katy Perry song, T.G.I.F, and maybe it can be also my case. After a week of return to work at full capacity and influence, I like the arrival of the weekend. 

But this week was also the week of new contacts with new brands, new discoveries, new emotions, one of which has given me one of the brands that I followed for a while and that I admired so much: Sorapol.

Latest collection of Sorapol has been inspired by Tevana, which means “Midnight Garden” in Sanskrit and by a mythical story of a princess.

From lush gardens, its bright colors like rich tones of purple, blues and highlights of silver and yellow, with hints of nude and coral, that the brand draws all its creativity and strength. 

Influenced by the Thai story of Princess Manora, half female and half bird creature, the collection exalts the feminine essence and beauty, ranging from precious materials and graceful as sumptuous silks, teamed with more experimental PVC, metallic leathers, resin, nylon weaves, net, lace, leather and corsetry. A delicate luxury, not ostentatious, extraordinarily beautiful.

Each piece is designed and intended to pay homage to nature, each creation evokes the enchanting landscapes and lush, rich, full of magic, history and sensuality.

It’s not surprising that the major fashion magazines or it-girls and models, as Azealia Banks, Cara Delevingne, Paloma Faith, to name a few, chose this brand.

A touch of grace and style that can not leave charmed

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