giovedì, Luglio 29

Shine, shine, shine

“So come on, so come on, get it on, Don’t know what you’re waiting for,Your time is coming don’t be late, hey hey, So come on, See the light on your face, Let it shine,Just let it shine, Let it shine”.

 I don’t know if you like Take That, but yes i like it! Who does not like boy bands!?!? Personally, when i was a child, teenager and an young woman i always have listened to boy band: i sing and dance as the wildest fan in the world. When i create my outfits, I always turn on the radio or Spotify, I can not get dressed without music. I need it! Boy band song can inspire you, also when you need a new nail lacquer. You know, i’m fan of british brands and i love butter LONDON products. I know Christimas time is far ( c’mon you know i love Christmas time!! I’m not a grynch!) but dreaming is lawful, so yesterday I joined my passion for music and my passion for Christmas (and Christmas gift, i confess) and this is the result. A little Sunday wishlist of what a girl wants. Steampunk ball collection can be the solution for you, your bff, your sister, you mom, etc. Choose the one you like it, and while me and you wait for Christmas time, maybe we can be buy something to shine. Everyday. Shine like stars!

ps: glitter and red nail laquer are the best for this season!

Gears & Gadgets Ultimate Lacquer Trunk 

                 Art of Alchemy

Clockwork Couture 

                      Gilded Gears

                  Lockets & Lace

                   The Posh Pout

Pictures: butter LONDON

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