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“Style is the image of the personality”, thanks to Chiara Baschieri

Edward Gibbon once said that “Style is the image of the personality”, and i think that’s true. We wear what we like, what we want to communicate to others, the idea that we have of ourselves projected out.

That’s why I believe that the emerging designers have an edge: they remain close to the idea that they want to communicate, close to their idea of ​​style without following the logic of the market or various trends.

This is the idea that is in the collection of Chiara Baschieri.

The style proposed by this stylist is an ideal of nonconformity, a touch of glamor without leaving a hint of irony, the joy of playing and having fun with fashion, creating something unique, as only a woman can do.

Lines are reminiscent of the 60s, pied de poule, a game of contrasts between different fabrics, colors: all this creates a harmonious unusual, cool, chic without being snobby.

What i really like of the collection is a color: lime-yellow, focus of the collection, and i appreciate it because it’s different, unusual, but pretty, chic and funny, something you don’t see all day around you.

From blue to white, grey, black and colorful prints, the color palette blends perfectly with clothing and accessories, without taking anything away, but rather giving new life.

Clothes for day and night, just like suits, pant suits, short bolero jackets, dresses and skirts rigorously above the knee.

A summer collection that has captured me and not only, and who knows, maybe Team Landon will achieve a photo shoot, for your joy, but especially for our (especially mine!).

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