giovedì, Luglio 29

Rock Girl

Have you ever experienced the feeling of opening your emails and have discovered a treasure? Well, well, if you love surprises, write, and you love fashion, you can understand me.

Well. also if you like rock mood and glam modd, better if they are together, you can understand me. I know that generally i don’t talk about italian brand, but you know me, if something is good, it’s here on TAG. Gil Santucci First collection remembers me Spice Girls with their hallucinating looks and crazy shoes. I was a young girl when Spice Girls were famous, but i sang and danced in my room with crazy look imaging to be one of them. Everytime i go to London, i saw extravagant accessories, but they are so good that i wish to wear them! Now, maybe, with Gil Santucci shoes i could do this also in Italy, even if i can imagine yet all eyes on me, and i hate to stay at the centre of attention. Next please! So, i tell you 3 good reasons to have a pair of this shoes in your closet: they have a vintage/western mood that will give you a touch of country girl, and generally country girls are sexy, so it can be your chance; Swarovski crystals – and i said all; rock mood is present in every shoes and you can wear them with jeans or pretty black dress. Now tell me why I should not have a pair of these shoes. Python print? Please, Lord, no!
Pictures: Gil Santucci / Maximilian Linz

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