giovedì, Luglio 29


Come join the party, it’s a celebration” Madonna sings in one of her latest song. C’mon, tell me, don’t you love celebrate and party? 😉

 I just want to tell you  something more about me. You know i go often to London, specially for Fashion week, and i have visited all the aereoports of the City, i know them so good, you can ask me everything, better, i think that who regulates the airports could take me to the information center. I’ll be good! XD During my travels, I have seen many different people, with the most unlikely outfits, with more eccentric or normal styles on the planet. But i have found a lowest common denominator to 2% of all of them that animate the airports (What careful observer that I am! There are two things: I do not have shit to do, or more likely I like to observe people and imagine their stories): Louis Vuitton bags. You can  go around the world, stay and rest in all the airports of the world, but you can be sure you’ll find someone with a LV bag. And this remembers me that LV has launched its Celebrating Monogram Collection, a special line of handbags and accessories in limited edition entirely dedicated to the famous Monogram. The initiative includes some of the giants of the fashion industry such as Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin. So, I think I’ll put on a circle of bets: which of these fantastic bags I will see in my next trip back home? Let the betting begin!

Pictures: Louis Vuitton Official Website

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