Shine like an Egyptian

Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh Walk like an Egyptian “

I know it’s an old song but do you know Walk like an Egyptian, sung by The Bangles? It’s an old group, but the years pass,though their music, is always heard, remixed. When i think to this words, i always remember Ale words, cause she describes her style as “pharaonic”. She loves big, bright accessories, specially jewels. Sometimes I envy her because she has the audacity to wear such things. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I’m not really a flashy person. When i saw this collection for the first time and i read the press release, I thought “oh, I became like Ale”, but in reality this collection draws inspiration from the Egyptian style, it takes the basic idea, the lines, the designs, the colors, the culture, but not quite what for so many reasons.
The fourth collection of Persy bears the label’s characteristics, femininity, strong impact and appreciation for modernity and Goth .The inspiration translates them into modernized feminine chick. Every piece is inspired by the crafts and shapes with the contradictions & contrasts between geometrical shapes along side, colors random usage of colors creating three-dimensional sharp strong shapes.
A simple outfit, maybe a total white, is suggested not to become… how can i say… too much!

Pictures: Maximilian Linz

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