Beyond fashion

“They should have warned me. Lorelai’s style is out. Hey wait, that knows what I want, follow it.”

I remember when i watched this scene in an episode of Gilmore Girls, i feel like Lorelai, sometimes, cause it’s very hard find my style around. It is becoming rare that I exclaim or think “hey this is Cris style, i want it”. Maybe I let myself be influenced a bit by military style, which always has conditioned me, perhaps because I am not fond excesses, but when I saw this collection I thought “oh it would wear the, despite the numerous straps”. It’s like the meeting of two cultures, two different worlds: the male and female come together and create something complete. Do you know what i mean?
Look at this outfits: There are lines of masculine clothes, but is hidden under the most pure feminine beauty, just remove one layer. Sure, be enveloped by these coats is amazing and you would not want to remove them from above, but what’s underneath is not far behind. Look in the mirror and see the essence of the human being beyond fashion. So what can i say? Thanks to Jamie Wei Huang to  for scoring a part of my dreams and above all surprise me, not everyone can do. 

Jamie Wei Huang goes beyond fashion, it’s a matter of style.

Pictures: POP PR UK

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