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Do you remember Naomi Campbell when she was the face of Pinko?

I remember an old, fabulous collection, she was on the poster with a little black brightly dress, an happy face and high heels. Nothing more, but it was perfect. Afterwards, on the scene appeared Pinko bags with the inscription made ​​in glitter, and I thought that something so trivial could be part of a collection as spectacular as the one where Naomi. Well, I thought that the winter collection of this brand I remember that feeling. Among top covered with feather-light, so even pointing fantasies gingham and tartan, long dresses, elegant and sensual, there is a perception of something beautiful, sincere, glamor, something that does not need frills, almost like the poster with Naomi Campbell. The skirts vary in lengths and fabrics and are a nice change from the classic winter pants, midi skirt a bit ‘large and rich volume, mini skirts once again characterized by luscious feathers and other floor-length with side slits. But I love coats.
Coats and bouclé jackets play clothes and outfits elegant and seductive, and who among us would not want to always have a sophisticated allure with a simple jeans on?

Pictures: Pinko

Autore dell'articolo: Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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