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Semplicity is the key – Boho London

Good Monday girls!! C’mon, during summer, it’s possible say “good monday”, the sunny days, the summer breeze and the desire to have fun take over. And while everyone is having fun, I’m here to work, study and expand my knowledge in the field of fashion. Already, my journey to discover new brands never ends, and fortunately the fate me a hand. If you have learned to know me a little, surely you’ll understand how and why I adore the brand that I propose today. Boho London.

This fashionable brand is a Dutch label, founded in Amsterdam, and i love its idea of fashion: Simplicity. Do you remember how many times i told you that Less is more? Well, this brand makes it the key to understanding and interpretation of fashion. Inspire others through fashion, always to create something sensational and unique. Do you understand why i love it so much?! It has  love for high aesthetic value, feminine silhouette & yearning for classic styles with a raw edge to it. Starting from the concept that “it believes in the rock stars of today”, the brand takes timeless and iconic pieces and reinvents them on contemporary silhouettes, urban style and strong. Geometries, interlocking, overlapping, necklines and desire to impress is the basis from which to create something unique. This brand creates the kind of clothing that you might see facilemtne worn by Kate Moss. Another quality that I admire is that the brand has its own code of ethics, and it produces garments are 100% human and animal cruelty-free.
Do you know the song of the Pop Icon, Girlfriend? It reads: “i wanna feel the sun, the waves, just wanna cross the states, making up as we go. That’s how’s gon ‘be, young wild and free, Not gonna slow down.” Well I see this collection exactly like that, for a summer full of fun and style.

Pictures: Boho London Press Office

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