martedì, Ottobre 20

Shine bright with Amishi London Jewels

Hello pretty girls!!! How are you? I hope you’re better than me, i have an intimate relationship with the computer and the coffee at the moment, pcome say, I’m a wee bit stressed, maaa I am always there for you. And while I hope that you you are enjoying the World Cup and the summer now arrived, today I want to cheer you with two nice news: the first concerns a brand icon here on the TAG, Reiss. Yes, today begins the balances for Reiss. Hey, but wait until you get to the end of the post before you leave me to go shopping. The second good news is that today I keep a promess. Do you remember when I have talked about Amishi?

Well, you know that your favorite writer ( am I right?)always keeps her promises. The last time I did I tell you that Amishi, as well as creating fabulous luxury handbags and scarves, also creates jewelry. And what better occasion than this to talk about jewelry? The warm summer evenings are perfect for linen suits, sandals and precious accessories live up to expectations. The jewels of the brand are precious, elaborate, elegant lines and harmonious; they are comela perfect reinterpretation of timeless classics, which need to be updated to be a bit cool for every age. Handmade, they are precious stones and colored crystals Swarovki to give just the right touch of light to you, and pearls. While the earrings have a more youthful and dynamic, the bracelets are a mix of tradition and innovation: not so usual forms lines are accompanied by a retro style design but not too much. Well, how can you not love them?

Pictures: Amishi Press Office

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