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Nude Look – perfect make up for summer

Good Sunday guys!!! While I write this post, is in full swing the match between England and Italy, and if you know me at least a little, you know which side is my cuote, and as a result my tifo.Probabilmente while you are reading this post I will be still in bed to sleep, but hey people, these are the World Cup! A sultry heat is keeping us company, and honestly the makeup is a real agony, but if like me you are not able to go out without makeup, well maybe I have found the solution. Nude Look

Nude Look is a perfect solution, requires little time, not a lot of experience and the right products. It’s a completely natural and sophisticated makeup that enhances the beauty of the face minimizing defects. The indispensable shades are neutral ones, play in shades of pink and beige, a little different from the color of the skin. One of the basic knowledge for a nude makeup is the perfect contouring. It is a technique that allows you to sculpt the face through alternations of light and shadow. You can use for this purpose various cosmetics: a powder-ground lay on the cheekbones, a liquid product for illuminating the cheeks, lips and also the body; a delicate shade of blush or coral that gently warms the complexion. Crucial is also the care of the eyebrows, which must stand out, appearing thick and defined. Then, use waterproof pencils to draw directly on the arch and the brightest shade of your palette that you can apply in the area immediately below the eyebrows to create a bright spot. For the lips, nude lipstick sleek look provides plumping effect. The shades of taupe eye makeup range from matte to neutral colors: beige, old rose and chocolate. Take inspiration from actresses like Natalie Portman and Laetitia Casta, singers such as Vanessa Paradis: they ensure that they know how best to use the nude look. Among the brands “leader” of this type of makeup is definitely Burberry, and of course Cara Delevingne. Less makeup, maximum result. The nude look wins.

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