venerdì, Giugno 18

Rock me

“I want you to

Rock me, Rock me, Rock me…Yeah!”

Now it’s become a habit to begin a post with a phrase from a song I heard recently or that I have listened again. This time I combined two passions, or rather, two things that I love: boots, boots for the accuracy of the cut and One Direction. Please do not hate me. Yes, I confess, I listen to One Direction, no I’m not a Directioners, I’m just a girl who appreciates their songs. In this case, Rock me. The cut boots are very rock, they make the outfits more edgy, glam, in short, the epitome of cool-rock. Especially if they are black. Because orange can be the new black, but black is always close to the perfection. These boots, usually the ankle, and then I already love them regardless, they have “cuts” and side metal buckles. The heel? No matter how high, the important thing is that they are buckles. Fedora hat, faux fur coat, leather leggins and white t-shirt, with cut boots and shoulder bag with fringes. Is it not the perfect outfit!?!? Rock the world

Jeffrey Campbell


Miss Selfridges
Shellys London

Costume National

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