venerdì, Giugno 18

As a Londoner

Have you ever watches Selfridges on TV? Yes, i know Selfridges is one of the temples of fashion, a place located in Oxford Street where millions of people have left their heart there.

As you know, i a big fan of tv series, and as a good Londoner, I wanted to take a look at the TV series named Selfridges, but I expected more. Less drama, more fashion, i really hoped. Unfulfilled hopes. Which is a shame, because Selfridges has always been a true bastion of fashion, it offers enviable collections and look. As for this cold season. A collection romantic, chic, very ladylike, with a touch more aggressive. Selfridges is like those little things that maybe we do not like but are very small certainties that make us look even more. That said, here look 9 of which you can not do without, even if only for inspiration. Think of it this way: a different look for every day of the week, plus a bonus of 2 look for special occasions. The dream of every girl. My dream.

Pictures: Miss Selfridges

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