venerdì, Giugno 18


Do you that feeling when you want to ditch everything, go away and restart? Well, this is how i feel.

After LFW, many things are changed, i’m changed, completely, and i’m trying to take new directions. As you know, i’m obsessed with Sam Smith album, In the lonely hour, and one of the songs i appreciate is Restart. After an end, it feels to pieces and then you want to start over and do not look to the past. That’s exactly how I feel. Meanwhile, I began exploring new styles, but something about my heritage I’ve got to keep them close to my heart. Such as faux leather leggings, biker boots, the denim shirts or transparent t-shirts, the mini shoulder bags where I did not enter anything. A little bit sorry that this style has become so widespread, I admit that I liked being looked bad for my look. Sure, I confess that it is now much easier to find what I like in stores, but … I am not the only one. And of course, it’s the title of a Sam Smith song that i love. Ahhhhhh

Pictures: Calzedonia Official Website

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