During London Fashion Week, i was so busy! No time to breathe or to rest, ask to my feeth if you don’t believe me. Among many brands i have seen. There is one that it’s very close to my heart, a good friend of TAG, and may be i was thrilled for this reason. Busardi. 

Busardi Fashion Show has been a real success. First of all, the location. A splendid Georgian mansion, Darthmouth House, in that fantastic and elegant neighborhood that is the Mayfair. A large fireplace as background and history, so much history around. In this fantastic setting, Busardi has created something really … I have no words to describe it. But you will see him. Nothing was left to chance, every look was booked up for all the accessories that were perfect for that look. Many ladylike dresses, but there was nothing “ancient”, but all very fresh, youthful, modern, crisp and colorful dresses, light as a feather. A collection with a floral theme, the real protagonists of the look: transparencies, chiffon,  lace and feathers. I realize that clothes are, how to say, “challenging”, clothes that you wear for special occasions and events, events in which you have to be “up” of the situation, and these clothes glide on like water, it almost seems not have them, they are as light as air, but they are there and they are perfect.

I’ve been up in the air, Lost in the night….” 30 second to Mars

ps I can not wait to attend the next fashion week to see Busardi!

Pictures: Busardi Press Office / Forward Pr

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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