lunedì, Gennaio 18

Nice and glam creations by Meemaw Bags

Happy weekend to everyone! Yesterday, Team Landon has participated to a make up session with Inglot. What beautiful afternoon! What nice surprise will be for all of you! Stay tuned!

But, today… you know me too well, and you know what kind of bags- addicted i am! So, when Team Landon has discovered this new brand, i was too thrilled!

It’s with pleasure i share with you MeeMaw BagsMeeMaw is an Irish label with a modern and young mood.

Within this brand, there is the dream of every bags-addicted like me: various types of bags, and with a look and ‘flavor’ international.
Small, charming, glamorous clutch for evening bags are complemented by smart, versatile and posh bags for the day.

Zebra print, gold chains, tweed and valuable closures are just some of the details that enhance the bags, they give character and a touch of style, originality. Color palette of the bags are also in full line with seasonal trends.

These bags, which have a price accessible to anyone (so do not leave it all away!!!), are the perfect accessory to embellish any outfit.
Many women start to build an accessory to the outfit to wear: these small, graceful creations are the solution to the problem, if i can say.

I found my favorite: Clear Acrylic Clutch Bag. I imagined an outfit not pretentious: black- shiny-skinny pants, a black T-shirt with a deep v-neck on the front and sleeveless shiny red high-heeled shoes, and this clutch as a finishing touch. A simple but effective outfit, very glam.

Don’t miss your chance, and give yourself  or treat yourself a MeeMaw bag: these bags a must have that can not miss in the wardrobe of any woman 😉

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