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Powerful and stylish women by Marta Zampolini

Good Friday! Ready for the weekend? I hope so.I  have recently noticed I’m passionate to discover new brands, they are so original, so different, so creative, and also I find in them something that belongs to me, reflecting more myself and my style.

The same applies to this new young brand created by Marta Zampolini. This First Collection is a breath of fresh air in the fashion world, something extraordinarily creative and cool, something which everyone wants a piece.

And all this comes from an idea, like all things innovative and artistic: contrast.

The brand was born from a modern contrast, everything goes on the run, rush, but something inevitably remains. The contrast Italy and Berlin, places of union of the brand.
Berlin is busy city, fast, artistic, a perennial stream that finds its outlet in various fields and it never stops. But then, how can you slow down the creative genius?

And Zampolini team has taken this to its collection before all this “movement”, creating a collection for a woman who has to deal with on a daily basis all this, and wants to do the best, always remaining true to herself.

Therefore, the clothing are designed to be versatile, and most importantly, convertible: each clothes ontains more than just a head, which allows a rapid reversibility capable not only of value to women of all ages, but also the same woman in every way of being.

But you do not think the details are overlooked, there is attention in the choice of fabrics like silk, macramé lace details, in a game of black and white that seduces, attracts and wins the wearer and those around. 

But not only elegance and refinement: in fact, Zampolini team also offers a Sportswear Collection, for girls and boys who like to wear something unique and that tells a “story”.

I’m really glad to have made you know this brand, because I believe that it will be very successful. Moreover, as history teaches, the style always wins.

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