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Less is more with Ingriko’s beauty

Finally, i can talk with you about this brand, you have no idea as I waited to be able to show everything. This time, Team Landon went out of Italy, precisely in Romania, with Ingriko.

Ingriko is young and cool brand with its statement piece: a red bracelet. Something very easy, but simply elegant, something that chatches the attention.

Ingriko’s Bracelets have as a focal point a little charms, made sterling silver, 14ct gold, or gold plated; every charms is just like a little lucky charm, and it’s possible finding clovers, stars, penny/circle, each with its own meaning or wish. A very special jewel, which accompanies the wearer at all times, in all occasions.

The preciousness of the bracelet is given not only by its elegant mood, but also from the materials from which it is made: in fact that pretty red wire is made of silk, adjustable, depending on the extent to which we need.
I know that Christmas is still  far (unfortunately,because i love it), but Ingriko is set to launch  a limited collection specially for Christmas holidays. It can be an occasion to do a special present, something that not all people have, something unique.

Beauty is a statement of art, creativity and originality, something that transcends all this and that by a sense of happiness. Don’t miss your chance to be happy or make someone happy, Ingriko is here for you 🙂

p.s. scroll down to look my personal interpretation and part of the collection. If you want to see something more go on Ingriko Page

That’s how I interpreted Ingriko’s bracelets: a vintage mood with biker boots (one of the seasonal trends), a little leather shoulder bag, a simple dress with a vintage flavor, all extremely simple, all extremely elegant and glam.

Other models of Ingriko

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