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Menswear inspiration by David Beckham

I have decided to talk with you about menswear but i thought that I could not start from nothing, so i have decided to start with menswear inspiration. And what’s better than David Beckham?
Fotballer, father, husband, sex-symbol, Fashion icon. With its constant changes of hair, Mr Beckham has left his mark for more than a decade. Now, his career like fotballer is over, his fashion career is launched to success.

The advert for the H&M underwear is a perfect example of how to get started on the right foot. His style has evolved, from earrings, bandanas, bleached hair, leather pants and sarongs to a casual, eclectic one. 
A versatile style but easy to detect: jeans, hoodies, glam accessories like hats and sunglasses for the day; tuxedo or suit jacket / pants very elegant for formal situations or important evenings, of course embellished with accessories worth icon style.

After H&M, the ultimate success of Mr Beckham has been designing a collection for Belstaff. He was unveiled as the face of the outerwear brand earlier this year, and during London Fashion weeek, David has launched the new Belstaff House on Bond Street.

The first campaign, spring/summer 2014, of Belstaff with Beckham was shot by Peter Lindbergh in Buckinghamshire, The creative concept was to capture “the spirit of a band of brothers travelling across the English countryside”.

No one knows what the next step of the former world’s most famous fotballer, but it is sure that it will be a success and that still inspire many men.

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