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Romanticism is an attitude. It’s not only about being sweet or being in love. Romanticism is that state of soul in which you are more than good, you got a gentless that not all people have. It’s not easy express this feeling when you wear dress.Being romantic with a dress means that you wear clothes with pastels tones, precious textures or clothes with a sweet allure. That’s the case of HM lookbook you see here. This is the last part of summer and everyone wants to enjoy it. Denim and pastels tone are your best allies. Mix and match them good, and chasing the sun.
5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-2 5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-3 5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-4 5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-5 5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-6 5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-7 5GF-Redefined-Romantic-CPD-8


Pictures: H&M Official Website

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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