sabato, Luglio 24

The charme of an icon

Sunday morning brings the dawn in, sings Adam Levine, but for me right now it’s time for F1 at my uncle’s home. A fantastic ritual. Coffee, sofa, F1, my uncle cheering with me, and my screams for Ferrari and Fernando Alonso, my favorite driver. But now, aided by the fact that I do not want to talk, I speak of the new make-up collection that everyone talks about.

The new Gucci collection, with Charlotte Casiraghi as protagonist, has a retro charm and allure of the past that also characterize the video of the campaign Stolen Moments. Among the 50 atmospheres and a femme fatale of exception, the digital campaign offers a furtive glance and inquisitive about the world of Gucci woman, bold and seductive. Nothing is missing in this collection, there is the whole beauty case that a woman wants and that always brings with herself. The nail laquer for finishing last minute? Check. The eyeshadows palette with seasonal colors for a sensual look always up? Check. Lipstick and lip gloss for irresistible lips? Check. Products to treat and keep your skin healthy? Check. Because, let’s face it, nobody really understands what a woman needs as a woman herself, then it is Frida Giannini, we’re safe. If these products then we can have a very small percentage of the charm of Charlotte Casiraghi, we are fortunate. These products help, do not make miracles, and we understand.

Pictures: Gucci Cosmetics

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