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 During summer, beauty routine is more important than during fall. Ok, it’s necessary to have a good beauty routine every day, not just in a particular season, but you know, routine is not always easy. During summer, skin needs more idratation than ever cuz salt,sea and sun are not the best allies of the skin.How to take care in a good way? Vitamins are the keys. Vitamen C and E  are two important factors of the skin, vitamin E oil for face of The Body Shop is very good, apply twice during the day, during the morning and before go to sleep. Vitamin C Skim reviver is good also not only as a normal face cream but also base for makeup, so you can use it 10 minutes before to apply the make up. I know that during summer not all people choose the make up but even if you use a powder, a good face cream as base is necessary. Protect your skin 😉 ( i tested those products you see in the pictures during latest 6 months, when i received them during LFW)

20150806_145810 20150806_145837 20150806_145708

Pictures: The Auburn Girl/ Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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