Best of November: Welcome December!

November is over, and Welcome December! Last month has been so full of novelty and good times, for me, for Team Landon, and i needed. First photo shoot (and then the second, the third on the way), a make up session, my favorite singer has launched his latest album, i listened new sounds thanks to a man with my same last name (you’re great! thanks to share always good music! i write it here even if you do not ever read.

So let’s see together what’s the best of on TAG!

Music: I listened “Swings both way” on Spotify and i decided I absolutely had to have! Old swing, new swing, poetry, funny moments, pure love (for a father to his daughter, for a woman to man or for anything you want), all mixed with a beautiful voice that echoes the past but the future greets you with pleasure.
A new perspective of Mr. Robbie Williams! I hope to go to his concert in Turin! i’d love so much! 
Favourite songs: Dream a little dream ft Lily Allen, Snowblond, Sodapop

I listened also “Direct Hits” by The Killers: omg! All the album provides the best of the career of this band that accompanies me since I did 15 years and they have been my soundtrack when I went to London for the first time. How could I not love them? 
Two songs are in my heart: Shot at the night and Just another girl (it’s also title of saturday’s post,remember?)

But also new sounds, thanks to Mr. Landon: Autoheart. Their first album, Punch,is a breath of fresh air in the music field, Anybody can be fascinated by their enveloping rhythms and insistent, from their words that you come in and you will not stop singing.
The Sailor Song: i always listen this song, and my neighbors hate me for this, i think. But it’s so great!

Caravan Palace are an another group i discovers thanks to Mr. L ( it’s so bad that he is not a musical producer, he has good taste). This French group has rhythms and sounds of ‘electro / swing French, I admit that I found myself dancing almost by chance in the street listening to them. It almost seems to be in a different era, a remixed version of the golden years of the swing. And I can not resist the swing.

Favorite songs: Panic and Beathphone.

Lorde: and i say all!

Music in waiting: all!

I read, for the umpteenth time, two of my favoutite books: Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. Ok, i admit: i am Jane Austen’s fan but, honestly, how can you not love the irony, humor and brilliant dialogues of this writer?

I read also “The last line of fairy tales” by M. Gramellini. Finally! A journey into the protagonist and within yourself to understand what love is and how it affects our lives. A surreal journey but damn true, which leads the reader to understand something about who is…

Books in waiting: (Two gifts) The Casual Vacanzy by J.K. Rowling, “Entra nella mia vita” by Clara Sanchez. If you have any suggestion, i will accept with pleasure.


Jobs:I went to see this film with a bit of skepticism, but I wanted to put to rest this part of me, I thought it might be the usual biography that paid homage to the character of the moment. Movie is not so bad, but the character was Steve Jobs, the man who revolutionized the way we live, to conceive and live with the technology, a man who believed that technology was an extension of the human being.

So why the most important moments of his life have been made so commonplace on the big screen? Ashton kutcher interpretation was good, not for an Oscar, but probably the best of his career, his first true interpretation as an actor. It was just the narrative, outline, that was not right. 
It seems that the director has wanted to make the movie and then stop suddenly. The question is: Why?

I’ve watched also Captain Phillips: the film tells a true story, rather it is a film adaptation of a hijacking of the American merchant ship MV Maersk Alabama, which took place in April 2009 at the hands four Somali pirates and the capture of Captain Richard Phillips hostage.

I can tell you two things about this movie: watch it, Tom Hanks deserves an Oscar for his interpretation. And i said all.

Film in waiting: Thor- The Dark World (yes, i’m a fan of Marvel’s Heroes), Hunger Games- Catching Fire, and many others 😉

If you have missed all photo shoots on TAG

ps: my christmas tree is done!